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Gasp* A Miracle


…of sorts.

I was venting my frustration at getting no eggs from those crazy birds. I’ve even been tempted to rob the Robin’s nests for breaky.


Robin eggs the color of heaven’s sky.

I mentioned that they sure like eating feathers! Two days ago Hubby said maybe they’re not getting enough grit (gravel to grind their food in their crops). “No way” said I – “I’ve given them the same amount for ions. They’re outside…wouldn’t they dig for more if it wasn’t in their ration? And besides…I think they should act ‘drunk’ because the grain would ferment and they would act strange”.eggs-in-a-carton

Who knows. So out to the pile of gravel we have out at the barn to get a dandy helping of fine pebbles. I gave them a whole bucket full to play with. I don’t know if they were kicking it out across the pen, but it seemed to disappear very fast. Two days later (today), which is about the length of time it seems to take them to make an egg, the eggs started coming. Coincidence? To go from one or two eggs per day for three weeks to 10 eggs from 14 hens in one day (2 died recently for unknown reasons…could this be related?)  !!!!!!!!!!   Insane if that’s the case.

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4 Responses to “Gasp* A Miracle”

  1. Naomi says:

    Oh! Could it have been that simple of a fix?!
    Congrats on all the eggs!


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