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Landscaping #1


I enjoy landscaping tremendously. I could do it for a living, but haven’t. I like to use natural cheap materials. I pay attention to nature to get my inspiration.

I have several kinds of flowers  inhabiting my garden that I got as gifts from friends. I brought home a few roots now and then and grew them into larger groups. I watched them for bad weeds and conditions. After a few years many have multiplied to the stage where they seriously need a home outside of the garden.


I’ll have to learn some better ways of recovery! Ahhh…how ’bout by hand. The pieces where light weight so I drug them out by hand. Good exercise…phew.

I’ve dreamed off using a supremely large piece of driftwood for my next project, but haven’t found anything worthwhile or easily available. Last summer when it was so dry, I had a look in the creek. That’s what gave me the idea to use just a dead tree since that’s all my driftwood was going to amount to anyway.

I found what I wanted in the bush and started working it out into the yard. It had some nice crooks and branches. I waited until Hubby wasn’t watching. I thought he’d comment on my wacko performance and I wasn’t in the mood quite yet. I just had to be wacko right now.






Whoops – the ends of the branches broke off in the pull, but at least the main branch-crotch stayed in tact.dead-tree-branch



That done I will have to spend a day gathering rocks.


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2 Responses to “Landscaping #1”

  1. Naomi says:

    Sounds EXACTLY like what I would do. (Especially doing it while hubby isn’t watching)


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