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Landscaping #2-Rocks


I’m gathering the rocks. The space I’m doing is large so it needs really big objects. This isn’t a town lot after all. I have acres to play with.

We have a tractor and skidsteer to help with the farming, snow-removal, road making, and they were a big part of the sawmill operation we tried a few years ago when we were building our log house and barn. I’ve taken advantage of it in beautifying the premises. We’re soon going to sell the skidsteer so I want this project completed so I don’t have regrets of not realizing the picture in my mind.



The farmer that had this ‘field’ had a rough job of removing a lot of large stones to get this land cleared. I am ‘recycling’ the product of his/her efforts. That is satisfying and brings back to life the beautiful colors and detail of each piece. He burned the piles because there were roots mixed in with the rocks at one time so some just look burnt and black which I don’t like so much. Others are conglomerate or fossil-like. Several of the pieces are broken shards and this works well for landscaping because a rock with a flat side towards the ground looks far more natural than a big round lump sitting nakedly on the surface. I’ve watched others plunk a big whole rock on top of the ground with little natural build-up to it and it looks uniquely weird. Most of the time there are always small rocks or dirt up around it (in nature). The environment does this.


Unusual shapes are a feast for the eyes.


Toad on a favorite warty rock.







When it rains these gardens show themselves of the best. I’m debating whether I should spray them with oil to bring out the colors all the time.


Another big rock garden I’ve done.

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2 Responses to “Landscaping #2-Rocks”

  1. Naomi says:

    This is simply amazing! I love rock in landscaping. If you’ve been to Banff, you’ve seen some of amazing work that can be done with rock. Some of my favourite yards are there.
    Sometimes, when I read your blog, I think we must be related, perhaps even twins. Haha! ;)


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