Bear News

The ‘ol dog is getting fat and lazy. Nothing exciting has happened in awhile…until this evening.

Suddenly she flew off the porch in a rage, barking and carrying on like the devil was approaching. I heard the commotion right through my heavy log walls which are  10 inches thick…well maybe the sound came through the triple-paned windows…

She’s not dumb anyways, because she stayed at the edge of the bush – not far from the house - jumping up and down like Tigger and woofing fiercely. 

It was a big old bear coming our way. We haven’t seen one of those for some time. It wouldn’t leave and it became a growling match between both black beasts. I feared to get involved but eventually we had to do something and we did. Needless to say we saved the dog from the wrath of the bear and us from further adventure. I’m pretty sure. Maybe I’ll look in the morning to make sure there’s nothing but tracks.

Don’t ask too many questions I can’t answer on here. Folks are pretty sensitive these days. I don’t like wasting bear meat but I bet you couldn’t get too many people to eat it, so then the alternative is not to shoot them for sport, their head, or the hide. Society has to make a choice.

When it comes to defending me and my animals though, then I need to make it plain that the wild animals need to stay in the bush and not in my yard. When it’s a choice between them and myself…I’m not going to be bear snacks.


don’t be wondering about the Christmas lights. They attract Santa in the winter and Hummingbirds in the summer.

Bears typically come hunting for food in the evenings and the mornings. It was quite late today. The dog’s tongue is hanging totally out of her mouth like there’s no energy left to drag it back in! It’s too dark for a picture…you’ll just have to believe me.

Hint: Don’t prowl around in the bush in the dark with a flashlight looking for bears. Hubby learned his lesson on that subject some years ago and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me passing on that helpful hint, heheh.

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5 Responses to “Bear News”

  1. I don’t want you to be bear snacks either!

  2. Wendy says:

    An aggressive bear is an aggressive bear. They are not trainable. And I don’t like the idea of tranquilizing them and transporting them way out of no where. This is because I have heard, though I do not know personally, that: 1. They aren’t taken out as far as we think they are 2. They are still desensitized to humans. I believe they can walk a very long ways in one day and will return to the smell of dinner cooking. And the idea of tranquilizing and moving a bear or waiting for someone to come get dopey/grumpy/hungry is sheer stupidity. Bears are not extinct so…just saying…we could concern ourselves more with the disappearance of honey bees. By the way, I have tried Bear Jerky. Its very tender, and very good.

  3. Naomi says:

    K, now I AM wondering about the Christmas lights! Do they really attract hummingbirds or is that as fictitious as Santa?


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