Oaty-Banana-Nut cookies…

… but this isn’t really about another recipe.

Today I’m making Oaty-Banana-Nut Cookies. No recipe remember (heheh).

I stirred up a quadruple batch because I’m…nuts.

Then my quandary over cookie shapes came again. Which tastes better – round cookies or square cookies?

I started cutting corners a long time ago and discovered how much cheaper and time efficient it is to make square cookies. You just take the entire batch of dough and plop it right there on the greased sheet. Spread it out so it’s about ‘cookie-thickness’ on the outside of the pan and get a little thinner towards the inside of the rectangle. You can cook a lot of cookie dough in one pass this way. I also learned I could beat the burning of the last batch too…because it’s the first batch and it’s easier to remember when there’s only one. Once I’ve got them in the oven I find other things to do besides sit and stare through the glass or twiddle my thumbs while I adore the inviting aroma.

After all the cookies were coming up square, Hubby let me know one day that round cookies tasted better.


!  !……………………………………..?cookie-dough-topped-with-pecans

He’s right. It’s the toasty edges he’s talking about. With this thought playing in my mind I began making round-ish ones (not perfectly round- they aren’t allowed in this house because you can get perfect ones in the store and I don’t want mine mistook for themmmmm). I did one pan of those and calculated a moment on the number of pans that would take and trips to the oven and the power….(hmmm X ? 6 X  uhhh !)….splat – all the dough went into the rectangle and got squished out like normal.

Is there a name for people like me?

You see it isn’t really about the recipe.

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2 Responses to “Oaty-Banana-Nut cookies…”

  1. Naomi says:

    So, perhaps we really are twins.
    I don’t make cookies very often. Almost never, actually.
    But, I do make meat balls fairly often. I mix up the meat with spices and put it all in a cast iron frying pan, flatten it all and then make a checker pattern with a knife. I put this in the oven to bake. Part way through cooking, I re-cut the pieces because they tend to bind together. After that, I let them finish cooking.
    It saves me a lot of work and they are rather unique.

    • sherry says:

      Like my post on making hamburgers in a big way. I don’t even know who decided to make burgers round and then had to invent round buns to fit them. Square burgers fit nicely on square sandwich bread…but maybe, like Hubby says, round tastes better….chuckle.


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