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Eating your Pet?

This is going to be controversial, but whatever. I’m writing this in Remembrance of those who have gone before me, whether in war, of even as my ancestors who have gone through horrible moments to make my life possible

I’ve asked myself this question and contemplating the balances for years.

To be self-sufficient, food wise, I thought I should discover how to survive out of the bush in the snowy cold winters of the north. All there really is sticking up out of the snow are a few leafless twigs and barren trees. I could do the following things:

1. Scrape at the inner bark of a tree for sap - if I could get a big enough chunk cut out of one with an axe.

2. I could boil twigs as well as the plant isn’t poisonous. This would be a bitter drink! Even a dead cattail wouldn’t be any delight.

3. I could melt snow for water. It takes a startlingly large pile of snow to make enough water to get by.

4. I could dig snow away and scratch dead grass off of the ground to eat. The energy used to dig would soon become more than that gained from the small amount harvested.

A wild elk

A wild elk


5. I would need meat. If it was wild, I would need to have a good gun and a good aim and it would have to be hunting season. The government requires a junk of cash for a licence as well. Unless you have your own fish, a licence would also be needed. If a person is self-sufficient cash is not a realistic option. If it was tame, then it would have to be what we could rope and could muster the courage to kill.

This is why I think it would be good to keep a horse or horses. Most animal need to be provided with hay and water through the winter. A horse will eat snow and paw through it to get food. They might not be in great shape by the end of the winter, but they are the most likely tame animal to survive on their own. If it’s a pet it will be easy the catch too….just saying.






Some of my ancestors had to eat mice to stay alive when things got hellishly bad.

Baby mouse.....arrrrggh!!

Baby mouse…..arrrrggh!!






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3 Responses to “Eating your Pet?”

  1. Wendy says:

    What’s the difference between a horse and a cow? Well, when it comes to hunger and famine, probably very little. I’d want to eat the horse, but I’d hesitate if I thought that beast would get me a ride to where I might need to go. And the cow? Well, I’d want to eat the cow, hide and all, but I’d hesitate if she was still able to produce milk, if she was in season for it and wasn’t dried up from starvation. I’d eat mice and all sorts of critters, if it meant not starving. And if you have ever fasted you get some appreciation of hunger, though very mild compared to starvation…you do understand that appreciation and gratitude for food grows exponentially.

  2. Naomi says:

    There are some parts of the world where people eat horse meat. I think the real problem with horse meat is that people can’t stomach the idea of eating a pet.
    Perhaps it’s unpalatable to eat a creature that has submitted itself entirely to humans. We give them names and we enjoy their loyalty to us.
    Having said this, the are still food in hard times.


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