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Landscaping #4


This is to finish the landscaping project/article I was working on earlier this summer. Alas, summer was bizzy and I’m only now getting back to the fun I had.

So…after the landscaping material is in place, you need something to hold it down asap or the wind will roll it up like a sausage and blow it across the yard until it doesn’t know which way home is.

The old log from the bush is visible with fruit tree behind it.

The old log from the bush is visible with fruit tree behind it.

I set a few large rocks on the material to hold things down. It’s important to add the smaller rocks afterward to build up around the larger ones so they big ones don’t look  like they are sitting ‘naked’ on top of the ground. I put the clean gravel on top very shallowly because I’ll later need to dig through it in places to plant shrubs and flowers. The next item I’m going to place on top is the dried up old tree I gathered from the bush on top of the fabric.

The small rocks around the base of the bigger rocks makes them look 'set in'.

The small rocks around the base of the bigger rocks makes them look ‘set in’.

I leave the scene for a few days, and once in a while, when I wander by, I try to picture how nature would set things. I get ideas for this plant and that. I take into account the colors of different plants that I have collected (they are waiting in a temporary spot in the garden) and their seasons.


Unusual shapes are a feast for the eyes.

When I get an inspiration I get out the shovel, scratch back the right spot, cut the fabric in a “X” and  fold it back, dig a hole and nestle a plant into its new home. The fabric gets brought back towards the plant and a few small rocks are brought up around the base and that’s it.

After starting a project like this, your eye will pick up on things you see when you are going for a walk in the bush or things that you discover others have done that looks appealing. Study why you like it and why things ended up sitting like they are. Don’t overdo  the shrubbery – the rocks are important too.


I included this picture of a spot near the house to show the ‘stepping stones’ I made out of simple slices of a dead tree. the tree had an ingrowth on one side that made the slices almost heart-shaped.

Random is beautiful to me.

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4 Responses to “Landscaping #4”

  1. Wendy says:

    You made God’s creations even prettier! This is so pleasing…what a feast for the eyes! You have a natural talent. Will you be concerned later for the leaf deadfall in the area? Will you choose to blow it away or let the leaf matter collect? The tarp will keep out the majority of quack and weed, yes? What are your long term plans for keeping it weed free; is that your goal?

  2. Naomi says:

    It’s very beautiful!
    I like random very much, too. If you put things in rows or in a pattern, you have to be very careful to be exact, and afterward, your eye can spot tiny mistakes made and it will drive you nuts forever.


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