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Hubbard techniques

This video is so fun and right down my alley. Since the Hubbard can grow so big you can hardly lift it, this is the absolutely most PERFECT way to split it down to size.

>>>    How to cut a Hubbard Squash *


The only problem I had was to find the right window. One without a ski slope (tin roof below).


20140212-111141.jpgOne without a 3 foot bank of snow.

20140212-111159.jpg  One with cement exposed – yah!


*thanks to “Ahh the simple life”

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6 Responses to “Hubbard techniques”

  1. Hello, The related post on our blog is “H Is For Hubbard Squash” at
    This post includes information about how to cut a hubbard squash. I found an amusing video on YouTube that gives the method shared here.
    Thanks for your “thanks”!


    P.S. The post also includes a very good recipe for squash soup!

  2. Naomi says:

    THAT was BRILLIANT! I will have to try that next fall.

  3. Funny! Thats how I break down large or hard skinned squash. I always bag mine and throw it out onto the concrete. Works great!


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