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Getting to the Heart


Happy Valentine’s Day.

This is the closest subject as I can think of - that has to do with hearts and such.

We eat them. I can barely believe it myself. Heart is worse than a tongue and better by far than liver (in my biased opinion). Hubby likes it stuffed (the good part is the stuffing of course).


Stuff the heart cavity with bread or rice(with onion and spices) stuffing and bake it.

I tolerate it pickled.


The pickled heart pieces in jars. Just add the pickling sauce below.

If you can make food out of stuff that others toss, you’ll have a freezer full.








Mixture for eggs, beets, beans, mushrooms, etc. is 1 cup sugar, 1 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/3 cup water, and 3/4 ts. salt. Bring these to a boil with 1 ts. pickling spice until color changes. (spices can be caged or left free and put into jars). When doing meat (cook and cut it first) add another 3/4 ts. salt and another 1/2 cup sugar. You can optionally add a little cayenne too.



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2 Responses to “Getting to the Heart”

  1. Wendy says:

    1. The hungrier you are the better tasting the food is.

    2. I like giving my scraps to mom’s dog and that dog is always grateful.

    3. It’s also entertaining to cook organ meats to scare off teens looking for a free meal.

    4. If you can’t stomach it, grind it into sausage meat and hide it in a ratio of good to gross meat that suits you. Precook a little before you attempt a whole batch.

    5. It makes a great base for homemade dog biscuits!

    6. Use at Halloween in your front yard display. I am not admitting to this idea.

    7. Offer it to the neighbour’s?

    8. Mmm smoke it in your smoker! ?

    9. Put in the back yard to attract wild beasts and ravens for a great photoshoot. Keep a gun handy, just saying.

    10. Play games with it at your Family Reunion using bows and arrows and spears. Don’t tell anyone where you got the idea.

    Okay that’s it for my contribution in this heart felt discussion.


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