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Mousey Heaven


The Mousey Heaven was in my parsnip patch last winter. My Mom’s yard was so riddled with tunnels and mines I was shocked…and so was she !! The only good thing about she figures is that she didn’t know she was completely surrounded by the varmints.

mice like parsnips

They hollowed out the biggest that were 5″ across and left the little ones for me. How sweeeet of them.

I just realized I have some stories I haven’t published about mice. They haunt my past. My how life flies! How can I keep up with the future when I can’t keep up with the present and can’t make sense of the past.


Last year they were super sweet but I won’t make that claim this year. Apparently when the ground doesn’t freeze, as was the case with the deep snow cover we had, then the parsnips don’t get sweet, and the mice get prolific.

…And the carrots survived the winter to make seed. They need frost in the air to make them sweet in the fall but can’t handle ground frost. So in that case ‘I can’t have my cake and eat it too’ as the old saying goes. At least I can’t have carrots for seed and sweet parsnips.

washing the parnips

Laundering the parsnips.



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6 Responses to “Mousey Heaven”

  1. Clever, but very dangerous! Any washer that also does the family underwear grows massive amounts of e-coli under the rim and in the basket and tub itself. Unless you disassemble, sanitized / disinfect. Sorry for the bad news but this is scary.

  2. On a more positive note, have you tried steaming Parsnips with carrots and whipping? STELLAR!! About 4 to 1 Carrots to parsnips. <3


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