The New Hatch

Babies add joy to my life.

My 50 chicks are almost 2 weeks old and eatingĀ  over a gallon of ground up alfalfa, clovers, and dandelion greens….phew!…a lot of work for me and my blender. These young plants have about an 18% protein content which, if supplemented with a small portion of fishmeal or other high protein source (even bugs/worms) to boost the levelĀ  to the 20% needed to start them. I feed them all they can eat of the fresh vegetation. I leave some purchased ration available to top them up, but you can grind your own ration from grains, fish meal and the like.

They get soooo excited when I bring in a new pail full. Everywhere my hand goes they follow eagerly and hungrily to grab the dark green-colored food it contains.

July 4 015 July 4 017

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