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Aren’t we Animals?



So… can we tell when winter is coming and how long it will be, etc…….without looking at the Farmer’s Almanac, and googling it?

Hubby reminded me yesterday, while we peered out the window at the dusky white day that had arrived, about the year that winter had arrived and stayed so early, years ago. (No… I’m not an old sage, but I use the herb)

Early in September there was a snow storm like this one upon us. Has anyone checked the beavers to see how high their dams are or how much hair the grizzlies are growing? Are you growing any extra hair? Mine is getting thinner, and has every year, for moons – I’m thinking it’s got to do with global warming!


Snow around the water pond

Hubby can tell the weather better now that he has realized that his arthritis has a common link to the changes in the barometer. As a side note: his biorhythms amaze me more all the time-he has an internal alarm clock better than any mechanical ones I’ve ever had. He just has to decide what time he needs to get up at… and voila!

My calendar says that next week is the ‘last quarter’ of the moon. That should mean that the weather we get next week should be what we will see for the following 3 weeks of the moon phases.

The ‘Newfie calendar’ (according to some true Newfoundlanders) says that the 1 st week of the month is what you get all month…which in a way, I have to admit, can be generally true. If it’s winter it might be for a few more weeks.

The Mennonites in the neighborhood say that the weather generally corrects itself. In which case, since we had a cold dry-ish spring followed by a furnace-hot and desert-dry summer, that would leave us with a slightly cooler than normal fall with plenty of moisture. If that doesn’t happen look out baby for winter! It will be colder than I care to think about and Christmas will be crisp and white.snowy-morning-through-wondow

What your guess ?????

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One Response to “Aren’t we Animals?”

  1. Naomi says:

    I will go with what the natives or Mennonites say. They have their hand on the pulse. I wouldn’t go with what the Newfies say because we live in a different world than Newfoundland.
    So far, it seems to be correcting itself. It’s a cool wet autumn.
    Sometimes, we just instinctively know. Or maybe the spirit whispers it to us. I think it’s a little bit of both.


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