Birds are survivors


…and this year they are smarter than ever.

I’ve been growing my own corn for a few years now, determined to grow as much of what I eat, as I can. This spring I didn’t have a chance to start more than one batch of seedlings. The first ones weren’t warm enough in the beginning to germinate. Consequently they all matured at the same time and that was a bit more than I could handle!


Starting corn indoors

The birds helped me out though. One day I went to admire the garden scenery and found corn cobs that were completely shredded by sharp little beaks. The kernels were nibbled to their beginnings too. I had nothing to say and little to think….huh? That was a first. There wasn’t anything to be done about it. The predators had vanished. They had nothing to return for – I hoped. For sure they will survive the winter!


Damaged cobs everywhere!


Thank goodness I had such a wonderful crop last year and still have plenty of the canned corn left to tide us over.

God provides for even the little birds. I had no idea I was going through all that work just to be the savior of some little flock of winged thieves.



bird-eaten-corn-cobsSo the corn crop didn’t shine for me, but check out this super tall crop of friend of ours who’s trying his hand at it.


This is Larry’s 8 foot high peaches and cream corn this year.

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One Response to “Birds are survivors”

  1. Naomi says:

    Maybe that’s why people put scarecrows in their corn patches. I will need one for my garden, for sure. I’m also going to get some owl statues.


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