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It’s the May Long Weekend – oh no!

 I’m not sure that I want to think about it. Was it not yesterday or so that I said I like to have my garden in before this weekend? Remember why? I feel like an old sage predicting the weather like this. Can I be a young ‘old sage?’


Dandelion Butter in Whipped Cream, by Sherry, rights reserved.


This ‘Dandelion Butter in Whipped Cream’ was from last year’s May snowstorm.



I think it’s best to look at the greener side of my window – yah… I had to haul all the bedding plants back inside.







Growing corn indoors





The corn is doing great! I hope to put it out after this may long weekend.

The ground cherries are sure tiny – I wonder if they are going to make anything. Note to myself: start these a month earlier next year.




The tomatoes are looking robust. The ones in the store are twice the height but a bit leggy. I don’t want mine any further along, because if I start them any earlier they don’t get enough light from my set-up. I don’t want to turn on the grow lights any sooner for just a few plants. Power bills are high enough.                                                                                         greenhouse-tomato-seedlings

              Greenhouse tomato seedlings

It’s so nice not to look at the snow. This is partly why I do this. It’s also because I’m frugal (a nice word for tight) and because I trust my own homegrown food…at least before I cook it.

The weather man says it will be sunny and a balmy 19C this Sunday. That would surprise me.what’s your guess? Be brave! Guesses are free.

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