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Aren’t we Animals?

Yes! So… can we tell when winter is coming and how long it will be, etc…….without looking at the Farmer’s Almanac, and googling it? Hubby reminded me yesterday, while we peered out the window at the dusky white day that had arrived, about the year that winter had arrived and stayed so early, years ago. […]

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Killing the Kittens

Dad was in the beginning stages of house building on our town lot. He was self motivated, and pretty capable at wearing different hats. He planned to do most of the work himself. Thus far the footings had been shovelled out which created large trenches around the perimeter of the plan. The dirt was piled […]

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weather update

  The sky is grey and dripping. the temperture is cooler. No doubt the storm has arrived. It wondered last night if maybe I was wrong. Hubby asked me to check what the government report said for today and it declared dry and sunny. I was preparing myself for some ‘crow eating’, but I guess […]

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