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Video-Cleaning Stove

Here’s the dirty job in real life. Don’t expect video making talent here Enjoy¬†the music anyway… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4yX03NyOoo Be a friend by sharing…

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Cleaning the Cook Stove

The ‘cons’ about having a wood stove: There is more dust than you might normally expect in your house because of the fine particles of ash that escape into the air. I create a lot of ash-dust when I clean the main part of the stove. This happens about once a month depending on how […]

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Outhouses in Town

There never used to be indoor toilets. A bucket was often used for children, handicapped persons, or adults who were either scared of the dark or lazy. But the contents of that bucket had to have a place to go. The options were: to the bush, gutter, or outhouse. In town usually there were no […]

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