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Naomi sent pics…

She really wants to do her own thing so bad! If she gets any more in her yard, it will cover up the neighbor’s boat.(wink) She had problems with her tomatoes. Something I’ve never seen. Please comment.           On the other hand, she has a beautiful “edible landscape” right there in […]

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Rhubarb Plant

Rhubarb… Everything

Besides making good hats for the dog and the kids, Rhubarb leaves have a special niche in life. They can be used for everything from poison for insects to fancy forms  for ‘garden stepping stones’.  The Rhubarb stalks are the first ‘fruit’ (not actually fruit) available to us ‘Northerners’. So here’s a post for every Rhubarb […]

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More on our Free Trees

                                                                                                                   My Choke Cherries- looks like jam this fall! The first year I planted 3300 trees with the part-time help of a couple of friends. I love trees! I heard that the local PFRA had a planter and a mulching machine. I wasn’t sure how they worked but I estimated the width of the row that I was supposed […]

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4,890 Free Trees

To answer your questions about how this all happened, and how you might get the same opportunity: In the beginning I created a plan to make my fields and property more secluded and add useful berry bushes and flowering trees to beautify it. I needed some  bushes/trees that grew fast, because I didn’t want to wait until […]

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