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The New Chicks

The most amazing things about having a sea of yellow fluff in the chicken house is how much time I can spend there while outside the door the grass keeps growing, the meals go unmade, the phone doesn’t get answered, the sun rise and sets… The mail arrived  at noon with 52 (2 are extra […]

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Another Dead Hen

Warning: Article not for the faint-hearted. I walked into the coop today to find a feathery rug-mat. Another one of the ‘old’ hens died since the last visit. I remember one that looked bedraggled and humped over during the past few days. I guess she’s a goner. I didn’t do an autopsy. There wasn’t much […]

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Hen Lays Chocolate Easter Egg!

True story…I found a chocolate egg. My hens lay brown-shelled eggs, but never before was brown on the inside (with a bright yellow yolk)  !  ! What do you think? I wouldn’t lie.             It didn’t smell bad. It was a fairly fresh egg – only a few days old at most. […]

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A Disgusting Death

A really sick thing happened today. Warning: this is graphic. View only at risk to your digestive system. I think I should have no problem with axing a chicken’s head off at the neck. There seems to be a natural division there between the body and the brain to begin with. Let me explain. I went to […]

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A Storm Hits

I’m trying to do this post by flashlight before the computer’s battery dies. We just had a mighty storm pass over. It left me ‘powerless’ to do much else in the way of technology. Somewhere a tree is over a powerline and the homes are as dark as the jet black night. Besides nary a light there […]

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Gathering the Grain

I’m out to find some wheat today and I had some luck. I talked to  a farmer that has some wheat that he’s not pleased with.  Chickens are actually very fussy grain eaters. They can always pick out the best, but mine have become accustomed to putting up with less.  I loaded up the barrels and […]

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The New Barred Rocks

  This flick makes the rest of the room look pretty dark, but it’s just because the sunlight is so bright  which is shining in the doorway. In the beginning of the shot the chicks scatter and then slowly comeback to playing and stretching themselves in the light. This scattering is because of the noise […]

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Chicks in Zebra Stripes

It’s exciting to see my baby bandits getting their jail-bird stripes.     I’m starting to see their different natures. They like to play in places of interest – like in and around the feed bags.The Cornish Giant chicks I had were only interested in food, Food, More FOOD!         I’ve taken […]

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