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Christmas take down

What has January 27th got to do with Christmas. Well…Sherry has finally decided to do it. I think most nationalities have had theirs by now. I don’t usually take this long, but with the hunting and butchering and sausage making… On second thought I think I will leave one or two. Next year I’m going […]

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Christmas Giving

I got the idea to make nostalgic gifts this year from wood. Part of the inspiration for this was the lack of funds; part was the endless bit of everything that ought to be used, and the rest was a ‘natural’ instinct. Hubby and I both fell for it. ‘It’ being the idea that it wouldn’t […]

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‘Tis the Season to Bake

…Banana Loaf…and everything else yummy and delicious. This year all I can think of is chocolate. It’s even getting into my Banana loaf recipe this year. . Milk chocolate swirls in the loaves.         Deep dark chocolate wafers in the banana muffins.           White chocolate here and there for […]

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Christmas Tradition: Antipasto

I have a few  exceptional recipes I make each Christmas. It’s that time of year when I crawl out of the ‘box’, so to speak, to spend a little more on some recipes. You’ll still notice I can’t get too far away from using most of my own things. This Antipasto might be close to something else on-line but I […]

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