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Video-Cleaning Stove

Here’s the dirty job in real life. Don’t expect video making talent here Enjoy the music anyway… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4yX03NyOoo Be a friend by sharing…

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Cleaning the Cook Stove

The ‘cons’ about having a wood stove: There is more dust than you might normally expect in your house because of the fine particles of ash that escape into the air. I create a lot of ash-dust when I clean the main part of the stove. This happens about once a month depending on how […]

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Cleaning the Coop

  The weather has lightened up a little. It’s suddenly close to +0 C., which is even better than -0 C. I feel like breaking out the shorts! When it warms up the chicken coop gets damp as the frost comes out of everywhere. The smell of ammonia can get quite powerful. After I did my duty to […]

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