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Cooking – part 1: what it has become

The world is busy. We are busy trying to keep up. It gets harder to find time for even the most important requirements of life and family. On the food side of things it is obviously apparent by a stroll down a grocery isle. If you took everything out of the store that has been […]

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Frozen Eggs

Stop! Don’t throw them away. In fact consider doing it on purpose. Twice already this winter I gathered the eggs from the coop and forgot  them somewhere out there in the minus something weather. I get trying to mult-task until my brain starts secretly dropping things of the other end of my list. Its got […]

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Swiss Chard

What I’ve done with my massive amount of Swiss Chard: 1. Cut, picked, carried, and washed my heart out,of course. 2. Peeled the green leafy material* away from the stalk.       3. Saved the stalk for relish.           4. Steamed some of the green stuff* until it had shrunk. […]

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Cattail Cobs

From what I have read, Cattails are supposed to be good to eat when they make cobs. You know me. I have plenty. I want to know. I cut me a few from the dugout and got out the pot and water. I cooked them for a few minutes. I always like to know what […]

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Making Cattail Something…

I brought in what was available from the garden: Strawberries, Mint, Snap Peas, Kale, Dill, plus some Cattails from the pond. We cut some off lately to clean up the edge of the dugout and they grew about 2 inches a day. If you grab them and pull slowly, the inside slips out of the outside rounds.     I looked […]

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I Cook in a Big Way too

Example: I’m making hamburgers. I get out 6 pounds or 2 1/2 kg (It’s all a guess, but you’ll get the picture soon enough). I have big bowls and pots of all descriptions. I pick a big metal bowl to mix the burgers material in. It’s about a …boy I hate this duplication in measurements. […]

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