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Dog’s Recovery

She recovered from the near-drowning emergency at the dugout. Slowly over the hours she finally quit shaking and bobbing, we put her outside to finish her rest and she’s doing well today. She’s bouncy and happy again…miracle of miracles! I still remember the moments of trauma – wondering if she would make it. I made this video in […]

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Scary Rescue from the Dugout

I’m inside. The door swings open. Hubby yells “The dog’s in the dugout. Come fast. She’ll soon be dead!” It’s minus 10C outside. The dugout is frozen over with ice, except for the open hole in the middle that is kept open by the aeration fan. I know where she (the dog) is before I even […]

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All about a Dugout #7

    In preparation for the coming season, where the dugout will be completely frozen over, we’ve had some adjustments to make. It involves me in cold icy water, balancing over slippery muck. I really like the beautiful idea of putting a windmill in place and then letting nature aerate the water forever. We had one, but decided […]

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All about a Dugout #4

Vegetation Control: This a very difficult task since water and fertile ground makes things grow like crazy! I got tired of the cattail. They attract water rats who chew off water lines, stir the dirt into the water which plugs filters and makes disgusting water. They look cute to a point, but when I can’t get near […]

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All about a Dugout #3

Controlling  dugout contaminants: Dog – Get a dog that doesn’t want to go near the water. Good Luck. Deer and wild animals – fence them out. Right! It takes a major fence to keep Elk out. Imagine my consternation when the Deer started eating all our bales, hanging around nonchalantly in the bushes and drinking […]

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Making Cattail Something…

I brought in what was available from the garden: Strawberries, Mint, Snap Peas, Kale, Dill, plus some Cattails from the pond. We cut some off lately to clean up the edge of the dugout and they grew about 2 inches a day. If you grab them and pull slowly, the inside slips out of the outside rounds.     I looked […]

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A Series on Log House Building, #5

While the logs were being crafted for our intended round log house, we got busy making  a basement for it. We had brought in a lot of dirt from the dugout when we made it so that we had created a knoll in the landscape. This is where, strangely enough, I intended to put the […]

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All about a Dugout #1

I’ve heard them called Dugouts, Scoop-outs, and Borrow-pits, but I like the sound of ‘Ponds’. Where I came from all water was taken from a river or an underground well. I never dreamt that my water supply for animals, house and drinking would all come from a hole in the ground some day. It initially blew […]

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