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Time for Edamames

The beans are as ready as they are going to get. They took a long season to get here. I’ll keep a few for seed, but I’m not sure if they are worth the fuss. I’ll think on it.       They are hard to pod, but they taste better than a regular starchy string […]

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Another Garden Update.

  I thought you should see the progress on my 2012 projects. Our gassy Jerusalem Artichokes: I pulled one up to check the progress – not much to show in the way of tuber considering all its height. This tuber is about the size of a pencil.                     The […]

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Weird and Wonderful Garden updates

 The ground cherries are finally picking up the pace. I left the garden gloves beside the one in the picture so you don’t get the idea that it’s huge or anything. I’m not believing they will make anything before the snowballs fly. Dare I speak of the Jerusalem Artichoke…choke. The taller they get the more […]

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So excited about new plants!

  I have spring fever now that my new little seedlings have come through the soil! I grow all my own plants (or try to) from seeds I’ve collected from the last year. Now that’s starting from scratch! I don’t have a ‘real’ greenhouse, just a bay window that I installed with no light filters in […]

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