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I was a Brownie

I had a few special privileges when I was growing up. Being in a Brownie pack was one. That sounds strange when I think of a brownie, now, as a sweet and gooey baked desert. Anyway, I obviously wasn’t that kind of brownie. I don’t think I had a uniform right off, so I would […]

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Getting to the Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day. This is the closest subject as I can think of - that has to do with hearts and such. We eat them. I can barely believe it myself. Heart is worse than a tongue and better by far than liver (in my biased opinion). Hubby likes it stuffed (the good part is the stuffing of […]

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Hen Lays Chocolate Easter Egg!

True story…I found a chocolate egg. My hens lay brown-shelled eggs, but never before was brown on the inside (with a bright yellow yolk)  !  ! What do you think? I wouldn’t lie.             It didn’t smell bad. It was a fairly fresh egg – only a few days old at most. […]

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Frozen Eggs

Stop! Don’t throw them away. In fact consider doing it on purpose. Twice already this winter I gathered the eggs from the coop and forgot  them somewhere out there in the minus something weather. I get trying to mult-task until my brain starts secretly dropping things of the other end of my list. Its got […]

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First New Poulet Egg

I got a treasured surprise today. A tiny brown egg. I have 7 older hens and 13 new pullets. I think I’m going to need another nest box. This hadn’t occurred to me until now when I saw the little egg on top of the nest box. The old hens haven’t been letting the younger ones roost. […]

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A Disgusting Death

A really sick thing happened today. Warning: this is graphic. View only at risk to your digestive system. I think I should have no problem with axing a chicken’s head off at the neck. There seems to be a natural division there between the body and the brain to begin with. Let me explain. I went to […]

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Salmonella – lets get this straight

I have been educating myself again about Salmonella since I raise chickens and collect their eggs. I have never suffered from it, but one can never be too careful as the world constantly requires more vigilance. Salmonella comes from or is in the guts of an infected animal. Even a person can have it. It causes diarrhea. […]

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French Vanilla Custard Pudding

…or English. I can name it anything I want when I create the recipe, heheh. The hardest part was guessing what it was that I put in it, because I don’t always measure you see.  To 1/2 cup cornstarch add 1/2 c. sugar or less (honey is ok but is hard to work into the […]

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