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Neck Roast and Cajun Recipe

As I said when I was describing the difficulty in de-boning meat from the neck area of an elk – it’s a difficult task. This picture of the huge and complicated bones should explain the dilemma.                                                                                                                                        To the right and above is the meat that was left after the bones were removed from the cooked […]

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Many more Sausage recipes

Wow. There’s a lot on-line for sausage recipes. Folks have been at this for years, so I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. If you don’t have pork casing and want to make round sausage, just add the spices and such to hamburger and make patties or meatballs. Then you can BBQ them with some hardwood […]

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More blood and guts.

This animal makes our little ‘deer success’ minute in comparison. We gave the deer to someone else that was short of meat at Christmas time and then prayed we would still find an Elk. I’m sooo pleased that it happened for us. The big old hind quarter was much larger than my table was prepared for, but […]

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Hunting Success!!

The phone woke me up this morning. It was my man. He had an elk laying down. How soon could I get there? I neglected to tell him that I wasn’t even dressed, but I quickly changed that and ran for the meat saw, bags, buckets, knife, uhhh…reciprocating saw…water and snacks…mmmm………..rags for clean-up. Ok. I dashed […]

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Elk Hunting

We were out all day looking for herds of Elk. We do this by looking for their tracks. Their tracks look like deer only larger. The one thing Elk have that is uncommon is their herding tendencies. When you get a group of a 100 of those large animals trailing each other in a row […]

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The Bales are Moving!

Finally the truck has come after days of waiting. For 2 days the wind had the guy with the truck drifted in by 3 feet or a metre bank of snow. He had to wait for the government plow truck to open the road, then he had a flat tire and a wheel seal leaking. […]

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A Plan is Formed

We have decided that we have enough square bales in the loft of the barn that we can afford to part with the round ones we have outside. The ones that are exposed to the local wildlife. There is a herd of elk, deer and a few moose that want it bad. I want the […]

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about the Rhubarb Marinade

I tried the Rhubarb marinade, did anyone else? I can’t tell if it softened it anymore than usual. It did have an interesting flavor but only after I doubled (or more) the amount of rhubarb. It was way better on chicken (which is milder) than on beef. I think that’s because the flavor of the Rhubarb […]

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