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All about a Dugout #7

    In preparation for the coming season, where the dugout will be completely frozen over, we’ve had some adjustments to make. It involves me in cold icy water, balancing over slippery muck. I really like the beautiful idea of putting a windmill in place and then letting nature aerate the water forever. We had one, but decided […]

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Prime of Learning: Childhood

It gives me the greatest pleasure to watch young children learning about nature. I know these things they are learning will affect their view on the earth, animals, plants, the cycle of life, and even their purpose in being here.     Isn’t this little tyke just adorable? The flap on his hat is sticking […]

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All about a Dugout #1

I’ve heard them called Dugouts, Scoop-outs, and Borrow-pits, but I like the sound of ‘Ponds’. Where I came from all water was taken from a river or an underground well. I never dreamt that my water supply for animals, house and drinking would all come from a hole in the ground some day. It initially blew […]

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