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Dog Food

We feed our big poochy some unusual things. She decided if it’s worth it. We kept scraps from the deer and elk we hunted last fall. Some of it kept in the freezer and some was preserved in our cheap-as-crazy outdoor freezer (compliments of our northern winter: any box on the porch). The last piece […]

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Cooking – part 1: what it has become

The world is busy. We are busy trying to keep up. It gets harder to find time for even the most important requirements of life and family. On the food side of things it is obviously apparent by a stroll down a grocery isle. If you took everything out of the store that has been […]

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Cabbage n’ Chicken

…today it’s another gruesome discovery. When you grow your own vegetables in an organic fashion, you sometimes bring in the soil pests along with them. There’s a moral here somewhere. I brought the cabbage in and kept it where it was cool and dry. It kept well. So did the insect hiding within the many […]

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Super Bugs, E.coli…

The media seems to be all over the Superbug issue. Marketplace on CBC claims this: [Canadians are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. As a result, people are getting sicker and are taking longer to get well. It is now not uncommon for people to be administered antibiotics through an IV because the usual drugs in pill […]

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Cattails-the lifesaver

 I  want this blog to be about surviving life with happiness. If you are familiar with the wild plants you might get farther down life’s path. A  tummy full of healthy food makes a happy person. That is why there are lots of unconventional approaches here about what you can do for yourself if all else fails. […]

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Homemade Yogurt Recipe

Making Yogurt

   I wanted to upload a video, but until then.. imagine…this is me making yogurt. I used 5 cups of milk from the store. If you use raw milk it needs to be heated to a pasteurized state to remove ‘unwanted’ bacteria. I put one package of Knox unflavoured gelatin in the cold milk and […]

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Homemade Cooking and Recipes from Scratch

SURVEY: What are you itching to make?

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