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Non-Rising Yeast..again

The verdict on the yeast that has been in dark sealed jars in my freezer for 5 years has no more warrantee since it has ‘expired’. I ‘expired’ for a while on that. Finally I decided I’d have to get over it. ….so watch the expiry date on that when you are stocking your food […]

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Millions without Power for 4th day!

After several severe storms swept the eastern US scattering debris and downing power lines, many people are suffering from ‘power-withdrawal’ as well as from a heat wave. This reminds me why I want to be more self-sufficient. A hundred years ago¬†we wouldn’t have been so perplexed by the worry that the power might go out. […]

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Spagetti Squash from last year…

I’m cooking Spaghetti Squash that I grew last summer. It’s true! At one time I thought that it was best to keep it in my basement, but it would eventually rot about February to March. This is July- if you haven’t noticed. (Happy Canada day to Canadians). I have discovered that this squash keeps best […]

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