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Another Mess Up

This isn’t going well. I took the dandelion flower heads out of the freezer bag after they had thawed out. They smelled stinky. I tried to pull the yellow stuff away from the green ends but the bud was squishy and impossible to deal with. The flower petals that are normally as bright and beautiful […]

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Swiss Chard

What I’ve done with my massive amount of Swiss Chard: 1. Cut, picked, carried, and washed my heart out,of course. 2. Peeled the green leafy material* away from the stalk.       3. Saved the stalk for relish.           4. Steamed some of the green stuff* until it had shrunk. […]

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Carrots need Frost

It’s scary at first to leave your carrots in the ground when you know that it’s going to be below freezing. After you’ve tried it though and you’ve tasted that sweet difference, you’ll never want anything else. I make sure the root is buried under 2 inches/5 cm. of soil so that the frost doesn’t actually get […]

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It’s almost Hunting Season

Hubby got drawn for a Deer and an Antlerless Elk. Wahhooo!………..there’s only one Big problem: No freezer room.     I don’t know how to tell him that…uhh, Honey, the freezer is full of vegetables so you won’t get to go hunting this year – we have no place to put any meat. He’s a […]

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Using a Corn Zipper

Although I like beans and peas best from a frozen state, I like to can my corn. It saves some room in the freezer, but it also saves some work in my estimation as compared to blanching and cooling whole cobs of corn. I use this Corn Zipper to take off one row at a time. It […]

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