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Carrots need Frost

It’s scary at first to leave your carrots in the ground when you know that it’s going to be below freezing. After you’ve tried it though and you’ve tasted that sweet difference, you’ll never want anything else. I make sure the root is buried under 2 inches/5 cm. of soil so that the frost doesn’t actually get […]

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A Touch of Frost

Frost. How does the rest of the world do without this? It kills diseased and pesky things, softens our soil, provides new migration routes, lets plants and animals (hibernation) and Sherry rest, makes intricate, lacy designs on our windows and turns the leaves into colorful confetti. Of course it also makes it so we can’t grow a garden half of the […]

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The winner is…

Anna-Marie gets the applause. She guessed parsnip roots were on the plate in the post “What’s for Supper?” For some strange reason, this spring’s crop were all roots except for a little 1-2″ / 3-5cm round ball. I had a big bag of them. I pondered on whether they would be worthwhile. The roots held […]

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I’m riding a bronc!

   I’m riding a bronc! Or so it seems as I’m riding along this highway in northern Alberta. The frost heaves in this northern pavement are just awful this year!! I shouldn’t call it ‘northern’ pavement though, because the real stuff is made differently than asphalt.  They start with a gravel road which they put a lot […]

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