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Rhubarb Plant

Rhubarb Marinade

I finally found a recipe for Rhubarb that I’ve been dreaming of for months. With the acid content of the Rhubarb I never doubted that it would soften and marinade meat perfectly. Spring Rhubarb and Ginger Marinade for Oven or Barbecue Beef 1 1/2 cups (355mL) wine (white or red) or chicken broth 1 large […]

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Veggie Tails – Part 2

The root vegetables are safely in the cellar, and it’s time I shared their intriguing pictures.  I thought the rutabagas were huge, but then I heard about a guy from the past that grew giant ones in southern Alberta. He grew them like people now try to grow world record pumpkins. That would have been a sight. He […]

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My Tortured Mower

We’re considering getting a different garden tractor with mower and cultivator. As you know, I use the mower a lot in the garden for mashing and crashing everything. I think there should be a small garden implement just for scrambling and recycling hard, tough corn stalks and sunchokes. This mower really isn’t meant for that kind […]

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The Creek is dry

  …and so is everything else. The garden is getting to be like a dust bowl. I can’t believe that the peas have decided to start a new season! I ran over them with the lawn mower earlier on, mashing them into bits and spreading the dried left-over seeds everywhere. I’m surprised at how evenly they spread! […]

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Kale Krunch

One big reason I grew Kale was to make this Kale Krunch I’d read about. I cleaned it and pulled the green leafy parts from the hard stems. I oiled it with sesame seed oil and baked it in the oven. I made a huge batch…of course…remember I do things in a big way, right? […]

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5 1/2 pails: 27 gallons Tomatoes

That’s what I got from the garden. I got a frost scare and went and pulled everything that was a significant size. It get risky this time of the year. It’s a hard gamble to leave the crops in the garden when the weather person is saying there’s a chance of loosing it all by […]

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I’m Impatient for the Artichokes

I rooted up another plant of the Jerusalem Artichoke hoping for enough to taste.  It’s 6 foot  high or about two meters. I just found out that it’s also called “Sunroot” or “Sunchoke”, etc. and is a relative of the Sunflower! No wonder it’s so tall. This is funny because just 2 days ago when I […]

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Tough lesson from a fellow gardener

After all my griping I was talking to some other gardeners in the area. For one thing I’m not the only one with yellow pumpkins this year. This reminds me of the years I bought carrot seeds and they turned out to be all colours of the rainbow: orange, red, purple and yellow, green even. […]

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