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Elevator Relics

The story of change is as old as the hills. It’s sad when it this obvious. Below are a series of pictures depicting the falling of a local grain elevator and the ending of an era. It says something about the passing of the corner store, small farms, small schools, etc. I have to accept […]

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No-Cost Grain

Remember me digging chicken fodder from a neighbor’s bin? I wasn’t the best because it was a little musty, but good enough for chickens. Today I took my annual trip to the Seed Cleaners. Yah, not the Dry Cleaners.  I called them in February to make sure that their stock of seed grain samples weren’t […]

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Guess another Crop

 It took a while for you to guess the last batch. Have another try. Be a friend by sharing…

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Gathering the Grain

I’m out to find some wheat today and I had some luck. I talked to  a farmer that has some wheat that he’s not pleased with.  Chickens are actually very fussy grain eaters. They can always pick out the best, but mine have become accustomed to putting up with less.  I loaded up the barrels and […]

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