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Collecting seeds: radish

The dog tried to make a nest in what’s supposed to be my radishes for seed. As the dead and drying plants layed on the porch minding themselves, the dog decided to clutter them around in a circle . There wasn’t enough in the pile to make much of a nest for all her troubles, but you could […]

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Guess the Length of our Rainbow Trout

            None of these to the right are the same as the one in the  contest picture above.   Be a friend by sharing…

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Who can guess what’s on the plate?

I skipped out to the garden to see if there was anything edible yet. There were a few interesting things. I brought one of them into the house to clean up for supper. It’s on the bottom right of the plate in the picture. It looks a bit yellowish and noodle-looking.  You will win my […]

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My seedling nursery

I had my seedlings under grow lights last night to give them a boost. The sun has been hidden for awhile. I put them back in the window this morning for whatever daylight they can pick up. They look a bit spindly so I pruned the Nasturtiums back (tallest on left, below), but made sure […]

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