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The New Chicks

The most amazing things about having a sea of yellow fluff in the chicken house is how much time I can spend there while outside the door the grass keeps growing, the meals go unmade, the phone doesn’t get answered, the sun rise and sets… The mail arrived  at noon with 52 (2 are extra […]

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Planting Time Again

Again. I planted lettuce in the winter already. Anyways….it’s past time to start flowers for me. I usually start the first week in March…I’m not sure why I feel like having a late start. Maybe it’s because it’s still snowing almost every day. Most ‘greenhousers’ have already planted tomatoes and flowers by mid February. I don’t have […]

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Comfrey mess up

I started out to make a burn salve. I dug the Comfrey out of the freezer and put it with some water to steep (the wrong thing to do). I started reading information on the plant. Unfortunately I did this in the wrong order. I should have read first…heh. Now I have to wait until […]

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Selecting Seeds for next year

I’m doing my best to grow my own seeds. It  doesn’t help when I have a wreck and can’t get descent seed from the store. I try to get the seeds planted, that I need for seed, early in the season to insure they make it before the frost.   Then I have to know […]

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Time for Edamames

The beans are as ready as they are going to get. They took a long season to get here. I’ll keep a few for seed, but I’m not sure if they are worth the fuss. I’ll think on it.       They are hard to pod, but they taste better than a regular starchy string […]

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Preserving the Corn Crop

I’ve got my ear to the weather reports for frost warnings. Meanwhile I’m trying to live through the energy-sapping, fast paced days of harvest. I grew enough corn for our year’s consumption.         It doesn’t sound like much until you realize this job will take me about 5 hours.            […]

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Another Garden Update.

  I thought you should see the progress on my 2012 projects. Our gassy Jerusalem Artichokes: I pulled one up to check the progress – not much to show in the way of tuber considering all its height. This tuber is about the size of a pencil.                     The […]

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Cornish Giants are out

No more lawn mowing the clippings to feed to them. It would have been easier if I had a lawn bagger. At least I didn’t have to use a scythe like Hubby suggested. The pieces would have been too big anyway I told him. It’s was also getting to be a chore to keep the […]

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