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Your own Beans

Today I am sifting and re-sifting through my bag of bean pods. This was the first year that I decided to salvage left over peas and beans and greens from the garden in the fall. I can’t believe I let these things go to waste before! To think that I’ve bought bags of beans for […]

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Carrots need Frost

It’s scary at first to leave your carrots in the ground when you know that it’s going to be below freezing. After you’ve tried it though and you’ve tasted that sweet difference, you’ll never want anything else. I make sure the root is buried under 2 inches/5 cm. of soil so that the frost doesn’t actually get […]

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I’m not the only one Harvesting

The Blue Jays are gathering sunflower seeds. I let them have their part, but the rest is for me and the Chickadees over the coming winter…or I think winter is coming. The way it’s continuing so hot and dry I wouldn’t doubt it will be another crazy, brown Christmas. I remember that the ‘normal’ winter is supposed […]

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Chain Saw Massacr…ess

Last year I brutally chawed the sunflower and corn stalks off with the lawn mower. It was mostly brutal on the machine. I did it because I like the idea of putting everything, including fibre back into the soil. It’s healthy for the dirt, but gives me satisfaction to fulfil the cycle of life (have you […]

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