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Surprise-5 Blackbirds

They are so teeny as you can see by my finger which I purposely put as close to them as possible without touching them. The parents are mad again of course, but they should be thanking me that I didn’t mow them along with the grass around the tree. Beside – now everyone can celebrate […]

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Identity of Birds Revealed

When I go near the ground nest now, I get ‘dive bombed’ by the parent birds. They are Blackbirds. As I bent down to peek-a-boo at the nest at the base of the tree, I felt the wind of the wings passing just above my head. I’m not sure what it would be like to […]

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Video of Robin’s Hatching.

  Remembered the nest of eggs I found? They are hatching! I thought the eggs were something to behold, but this is special! They are as ugly as can be, but so precious too. Two down, two to go. THE VIDEO:  2 down, 4 to go       Be a friend by sharing…

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