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Common Sweet Clover for headaches

Although herbs can be beneficial, they should always be used with caution like any medicinal thing. Sweet clover is no exception. Dillon is a young fella that visited here recently and he gets headaches occasionally so he was interested when I started teaching him about this particular clover. There was some not so far away, […]

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Is this the Magic Cure?

One more child got bit by a wild bumble bee. It got caught in her open foot ware and stung her heel. The moaning from pain started immediately. I ran to the house to get a needle to pluck out the stinger. When she saw me coming with it (it was long) she decided that I wasn’t […]

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About Plantain

There are many things to love about plantain. It’s great for someone suffering from a bee sting. You can put it on diaper rash when you are out camping and the wee-one is in trouble. It’s good for a cough, yeast infection, and for salves for the lips, skin and bruises and so on.    […]

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Strawberry Uses

There is an obviously long list of possible used for the strawberry itself. Then there is the looked-over leaves, stem and root. Like I mentioned I’ve been having flu like symptoms. It has all mostly subsided within about 24 hours thankfully. My insides still don’t seem totally agreeable with food. I feel it’s important to let your […]

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Planting, planting, panting…

I am getting the seeds in as quick as I can. I bank on having it done before the May long weekend. I’ve developed this custom because of so many experiences over the years where that weekend is usually wet, cold and disgusting. The weather man first gives oodles of hope, and then nature delivers ugly […]

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