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Naked Seeds

  Who would have thought? If I had pumpkins with naked seeds I wouldn’t have to hull them. The down side is that I would eat more and add too many healthy calories… If I find these seeds without hulls - will  I be able to resist? They must be hybrids. I was wondering just last week […]

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How to Not Pasteurize Honey

I just discovered I’ve been killing the good stuff in my honey…eeeek! I thought I was beeing smart by taking the 50 lb. pail of ‘original’ farm made honey and warming it up it a big pot and pouring the contents into smaller jars. The idea was to make it easier to handle you see. Those […]

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Honey Mint Lip Balm

I was teaching children to make a natural lip balm today. After studying a few herbs and there uses, some were selected from around here. These herbs are a part of the following recipe I put together withthem to creat a salve that has healing characteristics.       Slow boil 1/2 cup firmly packed and […]

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Country Cream Dressing*

This one isn’t your calorie-wise type. Hubbie’s family had dairy cows, so rich thick cream was abundantly available. His mom used cream instead of butter in cakes, in a dish called cinna-coo-coo, in dressings like this, and more. I haven’t found cream that thick in the store. Even the whipping cream isn’t like it, but I […]

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