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Hunting Success!!

The phone woke me up this morning. It was my man. He had an elk laying down. How soon could I get there? I neglected to tell him that I wasn’t even dressed, but I quickly changed that and ran for the meat saw, bags, buckets, knife, uhhh…reciprocating saw…water and snacks…mmmm………..rags for clean-up. Ok. I dashed […]

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Elk Hunting

We were out all day looking for herds of Elk. We do this by looking for their tracks. Their tracks look like deer only larger. The one thing Elk have that is uncommon is their herding tendencies. When you get a group of a 100 of those large animals trailing each other in a row […]

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Cutting the Deer Meat

To save money I usually butcher my own meat. I don’t always do it professionally, but as long as it suits me, who cares? The Deer we got was  ‘smallish’ so it won’t take long to cut up. I did the 2 front quarters in 3 hours (?…I didn’t keep track of the time very […]

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Skinning and Hanging-graphic content

To skin the deer we first cut around the bottom of the knee, remove the knee at the joint and the cut the hide away always keeping in mind that on the inside of the hind legs are the scent glands where there is a small, smelly patch of hair which should be avoided (take […]

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We’ve bagged a Deer-graphic content

Even though we’ve had lots of weary nights chasing the deer away from our hay, we passed on the temptation to cut one down. They were Flagtails anyway and they don’t have much meat on their bones to boot. Hubby got a tag for a female Mule Deer, but it isn’t for our area. We haven’t seen […]

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The Deer are all over us!

They are in every field and digging into our hay bales, despite the fencing. Despite the loud music I’ve played at night. What’s worse is there are elk getting into the play. I sprayed with the deer fence a few days ago (which seemed to work amazingly for a short time), and now I’ve doused […]

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weather update

  The sky is grey and dripping. the temperture is cooler. No doubt the storm has arrived. It wondered last night if maybe I was wrong. Hubby asked me to check what the government report said for today and it declared dry and sunny. I was preparing myself for some ‘crow eating’, but I guess […]

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Hubby gets to see my blog

After showing him how to view things, he first picked the blog with the pictures of the elk in the field of snow. He thought that was pretty good. I shouldn’t be surprised that he picked that one, after all – guess what he has hanging on the living room wall! The picture on this […]

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