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Another Mess Up

This isn’t going well. I took the dandelion flower heads out of the freezer bag after they had thawed out. They smelled stinky. I tried to pull the yellow stuff away from the green ends but the bud was squishy and impossible to deal with. The flower petals that are normally as bright and beautiful […]

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More on Chokecherries

I was just thinking that Chokecherries would be a good additive to a mouth salve, if they were cooked so they didn’t have that terrible dry taste. They are supposed to be good for mouth sores. Also their are claims of their value regarding colds and rheumatism. A rheumatic ointment is also a thought. It […]

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Chokecherry Jelly Lessons

Two children begged to pick some Chokecherries. I have a lot of different trees, and dozens of them are Chokecherry trees. This is the first year that there was no frost and the bugs and birds didn’t eat them like they were candy. They came with a few to make sure they were picking the right berries which was a […]

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Dandelion Jelly*

I often contemplate what nature has to offer. Today I gazed upon the dandelion flowers. When I was mowing the grass they laughed at me; when I was picking alfalfa for the chicks they clamoured to get in the way; when I went racing to the garden for lettuce they tried to trip me. What […]

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