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Kale Krunch

One big reason I grew Kale was to make this Kale Krunch I’d read about. I cleaned it and pulled the green leafy parts from the hard stems. I oiled it with sesame seed oil and baked it in the oven. I made a huge batch…of course…remember I do things in a big way, right? […]

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Making Cattail Something…

I brought in what was available from the garden: Strawberries, Mint, Snap Peas, Kale, Dill, plus some Cattails from the pond. We cut some off lately to clean up the edge of the dugout and they grew about 2 inches a day. If you grab them and pull slowly, the inside slips out of the outside rounds.     I looked […]

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Weird and Wonderful Garden updates

 The ground cherries are finally picking up the pace. I left the garden gloves beside the one in the picture so you don’t get the idea that it’s huge or anything. I’m not believing they will make anything before the snowballs fly. Dare I speak of the Jerusalem Artichoke…choke. The taller they get the more […]

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I Have to Grow Kale!

If you wonder where this determination came from, read the comments I’ve received on this vegie. I have been so stuck on Kale as an ornamental. It is totally beautiful of course. I can’t believe that I grew a couple last year for fun and then let them waste away under the snow! Naomi caught the […]

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