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Cooking: part 3 – Recipes

Trying to make everything your little ‘ol heart desires is a big undertaking. It would save some sweat on your brow if you don’t think you need every piece of produce ever invented by man. Each time I visit the local grocery I eye things that I want. I often will buy an item or […]

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more on Colored Case Hardening

Remember Buck was going to make his own case hardened tools using peach pits? He showed me the final product. I was intrigued by the bluish rainbows playing across the little pieces. I was even more impressed that he made the pieces himself like an old-time blacksmith! Who does that anymore? When I think of my […]

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Log Dog House

After building our own big log house the only scrap of ambition I have left to build anything of a similar nature would be this ‘log’ dog house we gave for Christmas. We made it out of treated 4X4′s and 2X4′s I found them in a snow drift. It was salvage from the troughs we’d used for sheep […]

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Collecting seeds: radish

The dog tried to make a nest in what’s supposed to be my radishes for seed. As the dead and drying plants layed on the porch minding themselves, the dog decided to clutter them around in a circle . There wasn’t enough in the pile to make much of a nest for all her troubles, but you could […]

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It’s Pea Season…sweet

I do this all the hard way. Why? I still don’t have a ‘pea sheller’. I managed to find a blueprint for one and I have a friend who found one at an auction sale but that’s as close as I’ve got. I know what I want, but don’t feel gifted in carpentry. I’ve offered […]

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Rhubarb Plant

Rhubarb Leaves: Plant Insecticide

Don’t ever let your Rhubarb leaves go to waste. Everything that grows seems to be good for something. Take an armful of the green leaves, stalks removed, and place them in a large pot with maybe about a gallon of water. You don’t necessarily have to worry about washing them. The insects that you are […]

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Edible Alfalfa

Nature’s Spring Tonic

  Dandelion Here’s an ugly and formidable potion that’s good for what ails you. After a long, barren winter, it’s good to put something natural, unadulterated, and green into your system. Make sure you know or study your plants, or ask here and I’ll do what I can to help. Find what’s available that you […]

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Homemade Yogurt Recipe

Making Yogurt

   I wanted to upload a video, but until then.. imagine…this is me making yogurt. I used 5 cups of milk from the store. If you use raw milk it needs to be heated to a pasteurized state to remove ‘unwanted’ bacteria. I put one package of Knox unflavoured gelatin in the cold milk and […]

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