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Chicks love greens.

I spend a half hour every day picking alfalfa, clover and dandelions for the chicks. I’m wearing out my kitchen blender to chop it up.   They are now eating two full gallon pails of chopped greens per day along with 1 1/2 gallons of bagged feed. So their main diet right now is natural. […]

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Growing Compost Worms

  I met a guy today that farms in town. He grows “Red Wriggler” worms! They are compost eaters. You can feed them cardboard, newspaper, vegetable scraps, manure, straw. They apparently love coffee grounds – maybe it’s an addiction(?). It surprised me that he even puts in egg shells. You would think this stuff would smell […]

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Edible Alfalfa

Nature’s Spring Tonic

  Dandelion Here’s an ugly and formidable potion that’s good for what ails you. After a long, barren winter, it’s good to put something natural, unadulterated, and green into your system. Make sure you know or study your plants, or ask here and I’ll do what I can to help. Find what’s available that you […]

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