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Stew and Soup

The healthiest cooked meal I know of is good ol’ stew. When it’s cooked all the goodness remains in the pot. No valuable nutrients get poured down the sink. Stew does magical things. In the summer it makes you sweat (and cool off) even if it’s eaten cool. In the winter a hot bowl of it […]

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Onions: an old wives tale?

I read some info on the use of onions to cure illnesses…in fact the claim was it could have helped with the black plague. Ok…this was serious business for me. Had I been missing a valuable remedy? The stories go like this: A doctor found a healthy family in 1919 among many others that were suffering […]

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Wild Onions..yes.

I’ve heard of wild onions, but I was a little skeptical because I’ve never seen any. I met Barry the other day and he told me he knew where there were some. The next day he shows up with a bag of them. I was quite surprised and excited about that. Surprised because he did that […]

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