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I Have to Grow Kale!

If you wonder where this determination came from, read the comments I’ve┬áreceived on this vegie. I have been so stuck on Kale as an ornamental. It is totally beautiful of course. I can’t believe that I grew a couple last year for fun and then let them waste away under the snow! Naomi caught the […]

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The Long Awaited Day

The leaves are out. There should be a happy dance for this. It makes me feel like a kid again. My peas got planted yesterday finally. I could have put them in earlier but was a tad busy. I soaked them for a day before hand and watered the trenches to give them the best […]

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My seedling nursery

I had my seedlings under grow lights last night to give them a boost. The sun has been hidden for awhile. I put them back in the window this morning for whatever daylight they can pick up. They look a bit spindly so I pruned the Nasturtiums back (tallest on left, below), but made sure […]

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I’ve planted the Supersweet Corn

As I was saying, Hubby keeps me busy, but all I have to do is suggest that I have to plant the corn, and he’ll allow any time needed. Once we tasted the Supersweet corn fresh out of the garden, there is no option but to grow it. I am especially surprised that I can […]

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