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Baby Frogs Invade in Massive Numbers

I couldn’t believe the swarm of tadpoles this year. This video is a ‘must-see’! The water is shimmering a bit so it spoils the view somewhat. The boards you see are part of a pallet that we used for access to the water when the water line was lower – so it’s beneath the water.       […]

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All about a Dugout #3

Controlling  dugout contaminants: Dog – Get a dog that doesn’t want to go near the water. Good Luck. Deer and wild animals – fence them out. Right! It takes a major fence to keep Elk out. Imagine my consternation when the Deer started eating all our bales, hanging around nonchalantly in the bushes and drinking […]

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All about a Dugout #1

I’ve heard them called Dugouts, Scoop-outs, and Borrow-pits, but I like the sound of ‘Ponds’. Where I came from all water was taken from a river or an underground well. I never dreamt that my water supply for animals, house and drinking would all come from a hole in the ground some day. It initially blew […]

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