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Pretend Pineapple

Well, if nothing else it’s cheaper than the real thing. I’m using up some of this Zucchini that’s lying around drying up. It has the perfect texture and color for “Pretend Pineapple”. This is the way I did it:                     1 1/2 cups of pineapple drink […]

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Make Sauerkraut for Super Nutrition

Everything is coming too fast. The cabbage has started to split so I had to get it out of the garden a few days ago. I did a silly thing…I left them in plastic bags. When I went downstairs I could smell them. Rotting cabbage is not a pleasant aroma in your house. No matter […]

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Canning Peaches

The last 2 years I was busy with everything else I’d grown myself and trying to get it all put away that I totally missed the season for canning peaches.  I don’t buy many other fruits – this is my exception. I like to wait for the big fresh ones from the Okanagan valley in British Columbia. […]

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A Series on Log House Building #2

   A neighbor  had a large dowelling machine that they had just made.We asked them to make the round logs for this cabin. The logs were grooved out on one side and stacked one on the other. Then very long bolts were run from the top of the wall to the bottom. A nut on the […]

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