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Things I’ve learned about Clover

I know what Red Clover, White Clover, Alsike Clover, Dutch Clover, and Sweet Clover are. Then Hubby pointed out this one that looked like dutch clover but had a purple coloring that was unique. I’ve pondered that until finally I looked for it on the internet. When I discovered that there were 300 varieties of clover I […]

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Variety is the Spice of Life

Variety is no different in raspberries. Here we go again with red and yellow berries. The red is, off course,the old stand-by with its red, tart and tasty attraction.   Why grow anything else? Remember that nothing seems to have it all. Everything on this earth has pros and cons. The yellow ones have a mild and […]

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Strawberries – yummm

I did say the Strawberries would be ready at the end of June. They are just starting. Red is beautiful. Below is a picture of the Everbearing Red Strawberry and the White Strawberry I grow.  The Red one is red inside and out but has yellow seeds (that turn redder sometimes when they get to the very ripest) and are […]

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Growing Compost Worms

  I met a guy today that farms in town. He grows “Red Wriggler” worms! They are compost eaters. You can feed them cardboard, newspaper, vegetable scraps, manure, straw. They apparently love coffee grounds – maybe it’s an addiction(?). It surprised me that he even puts in egg shells. You would think this stuff would smell […]

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