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Party time

The bales are gone…wahoo. The stress is off…yay! The elk all filed past this afternoon, going towards the west. I don’t know where. Someone elses bales? I hope not. The herds get larger every year. The poor farmers are having a hard time keeping the hay for their domestic animals. If elk had to fend for […]

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Hubby gets to see my blog

After showing him how to view things, he first picked the blog with the pictures of the elk in the field of snow. He thought that was pretty good. I shouldn’t be surprised that he picked that one, after all – guess what he has hanging on the living room wall! The picture on this […]

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Road Kill

I saw a deer in its mortuary yesterday. It wasn’t so freshly dead. The ravens of prey were already picking at its nose. That’s usually the first area to disappear-it’s soft. I am a realist. I know it’s bound to happen, there is a lot of wildlife in this neck of the woods. I’ve been around […]

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