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Video of Robin’s Hatching.

  Remembered the nest of eggs I found? They are hatching! I thought the eggs were something to behold, but this is special! They are as ugly as can be, but so precious too. Two down, two to go. THE VIDEO:  2 down, 4 to go       Be a friend by sharing…

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More Robin Eggs

Do all Robin’s lay 4 eggs? This is the second nest with 4 eggs. It was right under my nose in the yard. This nest is higher than the last one that got emptied, so it should be fine. It’s in a bushy spruce about 4′ off the ground, so I won’t have to get […]

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Oh Nooo…

           I thought it was going to be good news   :((     The Robin’s eggs are gone      It was in an area available to many predators. It wasn’t a cat. Cats claw at the nest and make a mess of it. There are a few coyotes around. They have a den not far away.      Hubby said it […]

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The Robin’s nest

I debated  whether to put this in the catagory “using nature”, because who would want to use Robin’s eggs for anything except a viewing pleasure, but realistically they could be used if you were hungry enough. I hope I never have to eat them. They are such a beautiful deep sky blue, and the more Robin’s […]

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